How many envelopes should I send?

To protect against human error and the finicky nature of calligraphy nibs, please send 15% more than you actually need addressed.  For example, if your guest list consists of 200 addresses, send at least 230 envelopes total.

How should I format my list? 

You should send the list as a text document. I suggest alphabetizing it so that you don't miss guests, but that's up to you. If you want it centered, center it on the document. Write each name and address as you want it to be written on the invitation. If you have questions about address formatting, I've got answers.

I will write the names as they are given to me. Does your fiancé’s cousin spell it Lindsey or Lindsay? I have no idea, but I once knew a Lyndzee so all bets are off. After you look over your list, have an eagle-eyed friend give it a once (or twice) over. Facebook is another great resource. Linds-whatever probably has her name spelled correctly there.

Do you charge for rush orders? A rush charge may be applied to orders that must be completed in 7 days or less. Please contact typecastlettering (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss last-minute scheduling and rates.

When is payment due? Once we have a chance to discuss your event and figured out exactly what you need, I will send you a preliminary invoice and a contract. Return the signed contract with a deposit of 50% of the agreed-upon cost and I will get to work. Final payment is due upon completion of the job. Payment is accepted via PayPal or through orders set up in my Etsy shop. How will my order be shipped? Who pays for shipping? Unless otherwise discussed, your order will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Tah Dah