Suzy script pays homage to the plucky heroine of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and is a riff on the beautiful lettering Jessica Hische created for the film.  It’s elegant, understated and a bit off-beat — like saddle shoes and mod eyeliner.



Bubbly, swirly and too much fun to abide by strict rules, Jessica is named after my dear friend, Glamour Nest designer Jessica McClendon.  Like its namesake, it’s bold, stylish and unabashedly feminine.


Named after the delightfully sharp-tongued Dorothy Parker, this style is smart, sophisticated and decidedly unfussy. It’s the lettering equivalent of tailored menswear and a whiskey sour.


The namesake of my lovely mother, Brenda is feminine without being too girly, inspired by classic embroidery styles and the Southern ladies that use them to monogram just about everything that's not nailed down (and some things that are).


I'm always up for trying something new, whether it's matching a different lettering style you love or mixing and matching are on-menu styles. One popular variation is Jessica mixed with printed caps.